Female Online Personal Trainer in Aberdeen

Looking for a Female Online Personal Trainer in Aberdeen?

Are you looking for a personal trainer in Aberdeen or specifically female personal trainer in Aberdeen?

Or have you searched for “personal trainer near me”?

Get coached with our personal trainer Siji online.

Siji is a CIMSPA registered, qualified fitness coach and personal trainer. To book a consultation or enquire about availability send us a message.


Nutrition advice

You can also receive nutrition advice for physical activity from our certified nutritionists who are qualified upto Level 3 in Nutrition for Physical activity.


Why should you train with a female personal trainer in Aberdeen

You may wonder, why do you need to look for a female personal trainer specifically.

From our experience, we understand that female clients may find it comfortable to work with a female trainer or coach.

A female personal trainer understands anatomical, emotional and female health aspects better.

Training program does not vary in large between male and female clients. However, many of our female clients have benefitted from our female coach.

Our female personal trainer can modify your program based on your specific needs and work with you until you reach your fitness goals.

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